Free Google Business Listing

If you haven’t already registered your business on Google, stop whatever you are doing and do it now!

It´s a quick process and can make a huge difference and the best part of all it´s totally free!

The Google business listing is what shows your business details on the right of the search results when people are searching for you.  The great thing is that you can customize the pictures, map pin, opening hours, contact details and so on.

The process as described by Google is:

Verify your business:

  1. Tell us which business is yours.
  2. Find your business on the map. Or, add it for free.
  3. Verify that you are you. We’ll either call or send you a letter.
  4. Double check your details. Make sure we have the right info for your business.

It really is that simple and the longest part can be if they need to send you a letter to confirm identity, but it´s still worth it!

Go to to sign up.

Let me know how it goes and if you get stuck give me a call I´ll happily help you set it up for free 🙂

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