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Do you struggle to work with colours wondering what complements what and how to make your site and marketing really…

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how to video screenshot

How to videos

Recently I built a website for the local village of Furnace. The brief included the easy ability for various members…

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Free Google Business Listing

If you haven’t already registered your business on Google, stop whatever you are doing and do it now! It´s a…

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how to add a user to facebook

How to add a user / admin to your Facebook page

I have been asked this many times and it really is simple, assuming that you have your password and login…

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Trying to decide on a company to print your Business Cards?

I have printed many business cards over the years, some better than others, but my most recent ones for Scraggly…

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Interesting marketing trends

There is a really interesting article on BrandWatch about trends in marketing and social media. If you have 5 –…

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Have I Been Pwned?

If you have an email address then this is a great website to check whether it’s safety has been breached.…

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Are you terrible at design? You need Canva!

Are you terrible at design? Not a clue where to start with Photoshop? Check out it’s a great free…

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browser comparisons

Which is the fastest browser?

Good question! Here at Scraggly Cow for years we have been big fans of Chrome for it’s speed, add-ons and…

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privacy policy generator

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

New EU legislation as to how data is held and processed by businesses of all sizes is due to come…

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