GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

New EU legislation as to how data is held and processed by businesses of all sizes is due to come into law in May 2018.

So the big question is will your business be impacted?

In short, yes. Individuals, organisations, and companies that are either ‘controllers’ or ‘processors’ of personal data will be covered by the GDPR.

Both personal data and sensitive personal data are covered by GDPR. Personal data, a complex category of information, broadly means a piece of information that can be used to identify a person. This can be a name, address, IP address… you name it.  Sensitive personal data encompasses genetic data, information about religious and political views, sexual orientation, and more.

If you are a client of Scraggly Cow then you will probably already know that I am in the process of updating the Privacy Policy on your site to comply, however, I am NOT a lawyer and I recommend that you either take legal advice or use the fantastic tool at to update your policy, just ask if there any technical things you are unsure of.

You can read more in depth about GDPR at:

You can then email me your new policy and I will happily update it for free.

The policy I use on my site is based on the free template from Terms Feed.

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